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Saturday, 20 July 2024
Consign Your Firearms !

Oregon Guns offers the most profitable consignment experience possible to our customers. Because of the national exposure of hundreds of thousands qualified bidders bidding against each other for your firearm. They will see High quality pictures shot in our photo studio that make our bidders feel like they already know the gun from top to bottom and are already falling in love with it. The descriptions we write are appealing, complete and honest. The bidders appreciate our complete and clear description therefore increasing the likelihood of increased bidding. Put all that together with the competitive nature of the national auctions and you have an increased return on your investments!

It's a very easy process from your end, we handle everything, from understanding and following of all the State and Federal laws, the paperwork and shipping, all you need to do is either bring the gun in if your local or ship your gun to us if your not local. After the auction is over every gun is shipped to the new owners dealer where the background checks are run just as if the winning bidder were buying a new gun from his local gun store, effectively transferring the firearm away from you a into the new owners name at no cost to you. Here are just some of the things we do when we auction your firearms for you. 

  • Professional, high-quality photos of your firearms in our studio.
  • Write clear, accurate auction descriptions that ensure the highest returns
  • Listing your firearm's on the Internet's biggest firearm auction site, which thousands of potential buyers view every day 
  • Use all the extra advertising features to get your gun up front and on top of searches for maximum visibility
  • Complete shipping and insurance solution, using heavy duty materiel's and professional packing, fully insured
  • Follow all State and Federal laws Handling all transfer paperwork and expenses
  • We are a Federal Firearms licensed dealer understanding the steps necessary to meet the legal requirements of firearms transactions
  • Over 30 years of firearm retail experience specializing in online firearm sales

Please don't lose your money by selling it locally or by taking them to a pawn or gun shop where you'll get pennies on the dollar.Sell it for top dollar! We distribute funds to you promptly and handle all the paperwork. We keep your information 100% confidential. We belief in outstanding customer service and we guarantees you a fair, honest and very easy experience. Please see our costumers feedback and look over our past and present auctions. We have had countless of happy returning customers so give us a try. Remember gun shops, pawn shops and gun shows want to give you as little as possible, where as we what to get you and us as much as possible and remove you legal liability to the firearm. 

We truly believe that there is absolutely no better way to sell your guns than with us, Oregon Guns! 

Why sell in the neighborhood when you can sell to the country! 

Contact us today. Email or Call: 503-680-7297.


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